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Toilet Repairs in the Overberg Region

Although toilets are some of the most durable fixtures in a home or business and built to last, it also takes a lot of punishment. Therefore, you may encounter toilet problems from time to time. When you do have toilet problems, don't hesitate to call Overberg Plumbers.

If you're so inclined, you might try some quick fix solutions to problems with a clogged toilet, leaking toilet or even toilet tank problems. However, some common toilet problems may be more tricky than you might imagine. If your attempts at repairing a clogged toilet fail, or if the toilet won't flush, you may consider calling in a professional.

Common Toilet Repairs

Some of the most common toilet repairs we perform include:

  • too little water coming from the tank to allow the toilet to flush
  • problems with the guide that cause the ball on the flush valve to drop too quickly
  • sweating tanks that drip water onto the floor
  • running water in the toilet between flushes, ie. phantom flushes
  • worn flapper seals, chains, overflow tubes, balls and ball shut off valves
  • clogged toilets
  • hissing or gurgling sounds coming from the toilet

#1 Toilet Repair Approach to Avoid

There's a DIY-approach for just about anything on the planet, and some people swear by using a brick to save water.

South Africa has some beautiful old homes, but unfortunately many of them still have big old water-guzzling toilets. Well-meaning DIY enthusiasts recommend placing a brick or water bottle with sand inside the tank (cistern) to reduce the amount of water used. 

In principle, this makes sense, but displacing the water in your cistern will reduce flushing power, which means that it may not effectively flush the waste down the sewerage lines. This may pose serious problems in time to come. If water consumption is a concern, rather invest in a new low-flow toilet that is built to flush efficiently using less water.

Finally, many toilet repairs can be avoided by not using in-cistern deodorant blocks, as they cause the components to corrode.

Need efficient toilet repairs or replacements? Get in touch with Overberg Plumbers today.


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