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Geyser Maintenance and Repairs in the Overberg Region

Overberg Plumbers carry SABS/SANS 10254 certification for the installation, service and repair of all types of geysers. As professional installers, our plumbers have undergone brand training on all the solar and electrical geysers we install, service and repair for residential or commercial clients.

Geyser Installation

A geyser should be installed with the following in mind:

  • Physical accessibility for ease of maintenance and repairs.
  • Your family size, as it determines how much hot water you need.
  • The correct location of the geyser will minimize damage in the event that the geyser should leak or burst.

Electric geysers that are installed in the roof should always be equipped with a drip tray to prevent any overflow from running into the ceiling.

Geyser Servicing and Repairs

Our experienced plumbers are able to diagnose all types of geyser problems on both solar and electrical geysers, including:

  • too little or no hot water
  • thermostat problems
  • overflowing geysers
  • faulty valves
  • leaking geysers
  • failed elements

It's not uncommon for electric geysers to develop leaks caused by corrosion. Oxygen that dissolves in the water can accelerate corrosion in the fittings and even the tank itself. Regular replacement of the anode rod will help prevent this issue from damaging the entire tank and its components.

Leaks around the taps or pipes are usually economically feasible to repair, whereas leaks from the bottom of the tank will typically require complete replacement of the geyser unit.

Geyser Services & Repairs From Overberg Plumbing

We install all electric and solar geysers according to SABS standards, as well as all geyser equipment, such as geyser blankets to reduce energy consumption and heat loss.

Our geyser repairs include, but are not limited to leaking geysers, repairing geyser water pressure issues, replacing burst electrical and solar geysers and more.

Learn more about our solar geyser services or contact us today for all your geyser installation, maintenance and repairs requirements.


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