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Save Money With Solar Geysers From Overberg Plumbers

Capitalize on our sunny climate and do your bit for the environment while saving thousands of Rands on electricity with a solar geyser from Overberg Plumbers. Our solar geysers and tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit both residential and commercial needs.

Here at Overberg Plumbers, we pride ourselves on supplying, installing, servicing and repairing only the most advanced solar geysers from top brands to deliver on your water heating requirements.

Types of Solar Geysers

The two most common types of solar geysers in South Africa include:

  • Direct Solar Geysers are highly effective, however, the components may require regular maintenance and replacement as they are prone to corrosion. Since direct solar geyser systems don't use anti-freezing technology, they may freeze in cold weather, causing failure during the cold winter months in inland South Africa.
  • Indirect Solar Geysers are more suitable to our inland climates, however, their pipes are more narrow, which means that the tanks may take longer to fill. The benefit of indirect solar geysers is that they retain heat for longer than direct solar geysers do, and they tend to be more durable, since they don't freeze. The non-corrosive anti-freezing solution helps to enhance the durability of the solar geyser components.

Why You Should Install a Solar Geyser

Solar heating has increased in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the sharp increases in electrical costs and the onset of the dreaded load shedding.

A solar geyser offers simple, yet effective functionality. The sun heats the panels that store the collectors that house the pipes. The pipes then transfer the water back to your holding tank. Simply turn on the hot tap when you need hot water, and it will be there.

Solar heaters are particularly beneficial for people with homes that are isolated from the electricity infrastructure. Since solar geysers are disconnected from the grid, you will not pay any fees towards the electrical connections. It is a powerful electrical cost saver that makes hot water available to your household all year long.

Benefits of a solar geyser include:

  • Enjoy free hot water
  • Increase your property value
  • Do your bit for the environment
  • Save up to 40% on your monthly electricity bill
  • Save up to 15% a year-on-year in energy cost increases
  • Have access to hot water in off-the-grid areas
  • Enjoy an extended warrantee and long life expectancy on your solar geyser.

Our qualified plumbers are trained by the various manufacturers of the solar geysers we supply. They are able to provide you with the most accurate information and workmanship with it comes to choosing, installing, maintaining and repairing solar geysers.

Get in touch with Overberg Plumbers today to for specialist advice and service relating to solar geysers.



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