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Greywater Systems by Overberg Plumbers

Every day, South African households and businesses flush countless litres of reusable grey water down drains. Let Overberg Plumbing help you divert your greywater to help you save both water and money and keep your garden green all year long.

Greywater Systems, Water Saving and Rainwater Harvesting Products and Services

Water is one of the most precious natural resources known to man and we need it on a daily basis. Water conservation should not be something we think about in times of drought;  it should be a part of our lifestyle.

By saving our reusable greywater, we can change the environment and save the planet for our children and the generations after them.

Overberg Plumbing supplies and installs robust, reliable grey water systems to harvest water from your bath, basins, showers and washing machines.

What is a Greywater System?

Our low maintenance, affordable greywater systems collect water from your bath, basins, showers and washing machines and divert, filter, and disperse it to your garden via drip line irrigation systems.

Include a grey water system in your new building, or retrofit it to your existing home to enjoy green gardens all year round, regardless of droughts and water restrictions.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Greywater System

Overberg Plumbers will install a greywater system that is both WaterWise and WaterMark certified. Options vary from wall mounted to partially buried or aboveground installations. Benefits typically include:

  • Easy, low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Saves money
  • Fail-safe designs
  • Hygienic design means no unpleasant odors
  • Reduced fresh water usage
  • Reduced strain on septic tanks
  • Great nutrition for your plants
  • Avoid penalties during water restrictions

We offer a wide range of grey water systems and products, including:

  • storage tanks in a range of sizes
  • manual shut-off valves
  • non-corrosive, durable Polyethylene containers
  • standard and submersible pump systems
  • timer systems and float switches
  • garden irrigation equipment

Speak to a qualified plumbing technician at Overberg Plumbing today about the best greywater system for your needs.


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