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Certificate of Compliance by Overberg Plumbers

The South African Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) has outlined a new process which allows licensed plumbers - such as Overberg Plumbers - to certify their work and issue a  Certificate of Compliance to the client. The  Certificate of Compliance holds the plumbing company accountable for the quality of services rendered.

The purpose of compliance certificates is to certify that plumbing work and installations meet regulatory requirements and should be issued with the following:

  • Any plumbing work totaling more than R1500, including labour, materials and VAT.
  • Installation or relocation of any electric water heating systems, regardless of cost.
  • Installation, replacement or relocation of any solar hot water heating system.
  • Installation, replacement or relocation of any heat pump water heating system.
  • Alteration, installation or construction of any below or above ground sanitary drains, regardless of cost.

A Certificate of Compliance should be issued for each separate installation on a site.

South African law prohibits anyone who is not a qualified plumber from working on plumbing installations, unless the work is adequately supervised by a qualified plumber. Persons who are registered under the category of qualified plumbers are qualified plumbers and may therefore carry out plumbing works. They may supervise unqualified plumbing learners, but they will be prohibited from purchasing or issuing a Plumbing  Certificate of Compliance for any new plumbing installations.

As registered qualified plumbers, Overberg Plumbers can assist with or oversee your plumbing installations. We will issue your  Certificate of Compliance within 5 days of completing the work.

A Certificate of Compliance should include:

  • Overberg Plumbers' name and license number;
  • Address of the work site and postal code;
  • Date of completion of plumbing work;
  • Circled numeric codes for work completed;
  • Crossed out numeric codes for work not done;
  • Details of all fixtures and appliances installed, along with the relevant serial codes;
  • Clarifications regarding the limitations of work completed written in the space provided.

The document will be dated and signed by the licensed plumber who handled your installation and issued the  Certificate of Compliance.

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